Somatic integration of an oncogene-harboring Sleeping Beauty transposon models liver tumor development in the mouse.

November 1, 2005
Authors: Carlson, et al.
B-MoGen Authors: David A Largaespada
Publication: PNAS. 102(47): 17059-17064.
Published Date: November 2005
Demonstrates advantage of non-viral gene delivery via the Sleeping Beauty transposon system in tumorigenesis modeling.
Retroviruses efficiently deliver activated to oncogenes to transgenic mice, but viral technology is not useful for genetic delivery in non-dividing cells. Sleeping Beauty, a resurrected transposon system, has been successfully used as a non-viral method to integrate reporter or therapeutic genes into mice. The authors examined the ability of SB to stably integrate activated oncogenes into mouse somatic cells to promote tumorigenesis. They found that SB is an ideal model of spontaneous sporadic tumors of known molecular origin.