Stable T Cell Insertions

B-MoGen has Solved Transposon Systems Challenges

B-MoGen has overcome the three technical challenges of transposon systems.

1. Insertion Efficiency

New Progress: Optimized procedures can now achieve greater than 50% stable integration in T cells

TcBuster™ Transposon Delivery in activated T cells

Insertion Efficiency Purify T Cell
1. Purify T Cells
Insertion Efficiency Stimulation
2. Stimulation
Insertion Efficiency Activated Electroporate TcBuster
3. Electroporate TcBuster
Insertion Efficiency Activated Expansion
4. Expansion
Insertion Efficiency Activated
1 x 108 to 1 x 1010 T Cells

TcBuster Transposon Delivery in resting T cells

Resting T Cell Purify
1. Purify T Cells
Resting T Cell Electroporate TcBuster
2a. Electroporate TcBuster
Resting T Cell Stimulation
2b. Stimulation
Resting T Cell Expansion
3. Expansion
Resting T Cell Expanded
1 x 108 to 1 x 1010 T Cells

2. DNA Toxicity

DNA Toxicity Improved Viability
DNA Toxicity Improved Cell Expansion

3. Uncontrolled Transposition

The use of mRNA or proteins eliminates inadvertent tranpositions.

Ongoing efforts: Developing selection methods for stable integration T cells to produce a pure CAR/TCR T cells

Non-Viral Gene Therapy B-Mogen