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Non-viral vs. Viral Delivery

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Making Expression Vectors

There are numerous chemical, physical and viral-based methods for gene transfer into cells in culture. These methods have helped revolutionize biological research and have provided the biotechnology field with the tools needed to make useful cell lines, producing proteins, vaccines and much more.

Non-viral delivery provides lower cost per patient, does not produce an immune response, and unlike viral cargos that can incur mutagenic risks, transposons have few known preferences for integration sites.

Viral Gene Editing Nonviral Gene Editing
Viral Delivery Non-Viral / DNA transposons
Cost $35K – $45K per patient $8K – $12K per patient
Mediates stable gene transfer + +
Used clinically + +
Immunogenicity Immunogenic NA
Insertional mutagenesis Preference for active sites Transposase dependent
Copy Number Less than 5 Less than 5

Non-Viral Gene Therapy B-Mogen