DNA Transposons for Stable Gene Transfer

A Non-viral Gene Therapy Solution:

B-MoGen has developed cutting edge non-viral vector gene therapy using DNA transposons for stable gene transfer into any cell type.

DNA transposons are a core technology in our methods and research at B-MoGen. Transposons have demonstrated the safest insertion profile of any gene delivery system while maintaining high efficiency gene transfer. DNA transposons enable B-MoGen to rapidly generate transgenic mammalian cells with limited off-target effects and stable, reliable gene expression.

Sleeping Beauty Nonviral Gene Editing Bmogen Piggy Bac Nonviral Gene Editing Bmogen hAT Nonviral Gene Editing Bmogen
Sleeping Beauty Piggy Bac hAt Family
Source Salmonid fossils Cabbage Looper Red Flour Beetle
Provider Ziopharm/Merck Transpoagen/Posieda B-MoGen Biotechnologies
Performance Working in the clinic Recent entrant to the clinic Compelling performance data to “SB” and building data to Piggy Bac
Availability No
(Exclusively Licensed)
(Exclusively Licensed)

Non-Viral Gene Therapy B-Mogen