De novo Induction of Genetically Engineered Brain Tumors in Mice Using Plasmid DNA.

January 1, 2009
Authors: Wiesner, et al.
B-MoGen Authors: David A Largaespada
Publication: Cancer Research. 69(2): 431-439.
Published Date: January 2009
Describes development of spontaneous malignant glioma models that are readily adaptable to various research methodologies.
Spontaneous mouse models of cancer show promise to more accurately recapitulate human disease and predict clinical efficacy. To overcome this constraint, authors used the Sleeping Beauty transposable element to achieve chromosomal integration of human oncogenes into endogenous brain cells of immunocompetent mice. Genetically engineered, spontaneous brain tumors were induced with plasmid DNA, which influenced tumor phenotype based on the combinations of oncogenes delivered.