Lysis Ready Knockout Cells

What are "Lysis Ready Knockout Cells"?

Non-viable, flash frozen cell pellets of CRISPR generated gene knockout cell lines.

What Applications do they have?

We offer these gene knockout cell samples as an affordable alternative to purchasing or commissioning a gene knockout cell line for use as a negative control in protein assays for antibody validation. Further, by providing our product as pre-lysed frozen cells we offer our customers the freedom to use any lysis buffer and lysis protocol they see fit to best suit their research needs.

How Are They Made?

All of our cell lines are made in house using our proprietary CRISPR methods and validated parental cell lines. We create gene knockout cells from a variety of diploid cell lines and can target virtually ANY gene of interest. Knockout cell lines are initially validated by PCR and further by western blot or IHC if a valid antibody is available.

What you get...

❏1 Vial Gene Knockout Cells (≥ 2 x 10⁶ cells)

❏1 Vial Parental Cells Control (≥ 2 x 10⁶ cells)