G.E.E.K. Co-Transposition Kit

An easy-to-use, vector-based transposition system designed to maximize gene knockouts in a wide variety of cells.

Product Benefits

Creating a population of custom-made cells has never been simpler. With this flexible tool, intelligently designed vectors are partnered with transiently expressed reagents to allow for highly efficient enrichment of indels and homologous recombination. This technology reduces the need for single-cell cloning or fluorescence-activated cell sorting, making B-MoGen’s Co-Transposition Kit one of the most cost-effective gene-editing products on the market.
Kit Components

Stock solutions of co-transposition vectors are concentrated to 1 ug/uL. If necessary, vectors can be diluted in TE buffer for experiment variability.

  • Cas9 vector (contains GFP for tracking transfection efficiency)
  • U6-gRNA vector (contains a stuffer sequence that is replaced by user’s gRNA)
  • SB11 transposase vector (encodes Sleeping Beauty transposase enzyme)
  • Pt3.5-CMV-Puro or Pt3.5-CMV-mCherry-Puro vector (contains optional fluorescence reporter protein) 
Storage Condition

Upon arrival, store kit at -20°C. Thaw components on ice prior to use. Vectors are stable at 4°C for six months

Recommended Reagents and Equipment

The Co-Transposition Kit does not contain reagents and materials necessary for transfecting, culturing, and screening knockout cell lines, so it is recommended that users have optimized protocols in place prior to using the kit.

  • User-specific guide RNAs
  • Transfection system with validated protocol
  • Cell culture and selection reagents (media, puromycin, etc.) 
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