Sleeping Beauty Transposon

Applications: Gene Transfer


Multiple Cloning Site (MCS) ready SBT vectors are an affordable way to generate your own custom Sleeping Beautytransposon vectors. Our MCS region is compatible with several restriction enzyme sites for ease of use and is followed by a stable reporter for easy selection and use in downstream experiments. Clone and ligate your desired gene into an MCS ready SBT vector. Co-transfection with an SB11 transposase expression vector to put your gene of interest into your cells.


  • Vector backbone contains two sequencing primer sites and two PvuII restriction enzyme cut sites
  • Cytomegalovirus Promoter boasts high levels of gene expression in most mammalian cells, especially in neurons and embryonic stem cells.
  • Enhanced Green Fluorescence Protein is a bright, rapidly active reporter gene. It is useful as both a marker for flow cytometry and fluorescence microscopy.
Products specifications
Promoter CMV
Cargo EGFP
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